RA No. 7180 (GAA FY 1992) ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER NO. 279  (Tab A) dated May 5, 1992   “Prescribing rules and regulations for the establishment            and administration of a provident fund of agencies covered            by sec. 41 of the general provisions of Republic Act No. 7180.” EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 641 (Tab B) dated July continue reading : Mandate

Overall Objective

The PNPPF’s Overall Objective is to provide for the granting of benefits and loans to officials and employees of the department, bureau, office, or agency for emergency needs for: Education or that of their children; (scholarship) Hospitalization or that of their immediate dependents; Minor but immediately needed repair of their houses; and Other similar purposes continue reading : Overall Objective


Historical Background on the Establishment of the PNP Provident Fund   Start-up Fund: P35.594,055.78 Million   On December 15, 2004, LBP Account No. 1862-1016-30 was opened in the name of PNP Provident Fund, Inc. with an initial deposit of P35.594,055.78 to transfer the fund from the PNP Services Fees Fund under LBP Account Number 1862-110-53.   continue reading : History