RA No. 7180 (GAA FY 1992)

ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER NO. 279  (Tab A) dated May 5, 1992

  “Prescribing rules and regulations for the establishment

           and administration of a provident fund of agencies covered

           by sec. 41 of the general provisions of Republic Act No. 7180.”

EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 641 (Tab B) dated July 25, 2007

“Authorizing the Establishment and Administration of  

 Provident  Funds in the Government”

DBM CIRCULAR NO. 2008-3 (Tab C) dated June 20, 2008, with subject:

Rules, Regulations and Procedure on the Establishment and        Administration of Provident Funds in the Philippine Government

Approved Letter Request of Chief, PNP dated April 4, 2000

  re:  Exemption of PNP from the provisions of EO 338 (Tab D)